Alpine Climbing & Mountaineering


A sport with personnal acheivement, contemplation and pleasure, combining different approaches to mountaineering and the ultimate 'way of being'.



Glacier trekking is the first basis of mountaineering as it revolves around the high mountain environment.

In using the necessary equipment (crampons, rope,etc) the majority of glacier trekking involves walking on the glacier where the tecnicality is of a minimum but awareness of the terrain instability should remain essential.

For a regular experienced hiker.

Several possibilities available, from a day hike crossing the Vallée Blanche, to a 6 day Chamonix - Zermatt trek.




The access to the cable cars in the Chamonix valley enables us to attain a large number of 3000m+ summits in a day, with numerous possibilities involving climbing, with rock, snow and ice technicalities.

 Adrenalin seekers, welcome and live a day of true mountaineerer



Wishing to take your 1st steps in mountaineering and rewarded with a High mountain summit!  In choosing a less technical ascension, the object will be to introduce you to the world of the High Mountain, enabling you to use your physical effort to its capacity.

Day 1   Hike to refuge with overnight stay.

Day 2   Summit ascension, descent and return



Course Perfection


A 5 day course to perfect the necessary experience to enable you to have total autonomy for your mountain excursions, ranging from evoluing on the glaciers, the correct use of equipment, orientation, protection, course planning from A-Z.

In short, a compact programme with you as the leading role.

  Two different ability levels in order to obtain your goal.



Prestigious summits


Already with mountaineering experience and a longing for that 'One' summit, together we can prepare the whole realization of the course in advance or at least a training course, with all the necessary measures of security in order to attain that goal.




The 'Roof of Europe', where only those sufficiently prepared physically and technically will benefit for reaching this 4807m summit.

A 5 day training course will give yourself a maximum chance of doing so.

Either choosing an 'express' ascension, for those already experienced or an integral interseason climb to escape the summer affluence.



'Tailor Made' Summits


Do you wish to have programme at your own convenience, a personal goal or an idea for a particular summit to climb, realisation can be possible, either on a daily basis or long term