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Mont Blanc - Climb the highest summit of Europe, 4810m

To be able to appreciate the incredible beauty of this ascension, one has to be well prepared, physically and mentally.


Climb Mont Blanc in 5 day Training Course:

The goal of this 5 day training course is to reach the summit of Mont Blanc, with 3 days of preparation combining technicalities and acclimatising in order to obtain the maximum performance for achieving the summit.

Duration: 5 days

Tarif: 1070€/pers

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Climb Mont Blanc in Intersaison:

Feeling alone on the top of the summit!! It is possible, in choosing the climb during the inter season enables us to foresee the ascension, generally, with stable, clement weather conditions and extraordinary automnal colours, it is an indisputable "must"

Duration: 5 days

Price: 1100€/pers

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Climb Mont Blanc in 2 days :

Les Trois Mont-Blancs :

Tacul, Maudit and the Mont Blanc itself.  The second most popular itinery for completing the Mont Blanc ascension. It is a more technical route to that, via Le Goûter.  The slopes are steeper and the duration of the ascension is longer. In choosing this itinery, our view of the French and Italien sides is a picture post card environment.

Duration: 2 days

Tarif: 1000€/pers (1 person per guide)

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Mont Blanc via the normal Goûter route, 'La Voie Normale':

This more traditional route via the Aiguille du Goûter is the most accessible route as it presents a less technically challenging ascension.  On saying that, it is not to be taken lightly and remains an interesting and magnificent itinery, notably the passage 'des Bosses' where the narrow ridge will remain an intense and memorable moment.

After a 4 hour walk from the Goûter refuge, the summit approaches and you have Europe below and only the sky above, nothing blocks your view, you are at the summit of Mont Blanc!

Duration: 2 jours

Tarif: 500€/pers (tarif sur la base de 2 personnes par guide)

About Me, Fred Brehe

I was born in Britany (North of France), and I developed my passion always with the objective to link the sea and the mountains. The mountain fascinates me, but the wealth of being a mountain guide is the fact that we meet every day new people