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Summer Mountaineering in the Alps

FR Summer Mountaineering in the Alps

Winter mountaineering is not just for the experts.  Equipment and clothing have evolved and allows us to pursue the activity throughout the year.

However, certain activities are short lived, due to the thawing of the ice and changing temperatures.

Ice picks ready, it's worth a try!

Day courses

The cable car system in Chamonix allows us to access the High Mountain environment in a matter of minutes, therefore reducing the approach time to our destination,

Frozen water falls ice climbing, chutes, mixed rock and ice faces are all possible in one day. Using the traction ice axe for the majority of activities.

Prices: from 190€/pers

Variety of courses such as:

  • Arête des cosmiques (Cosmique ridge) Petite verte, Arête sud de l'Index (Index southern ridge)...
  • Chutes around the Aiguille du midi
  • Chutes from the summit of the Grands Montets
  • Frozen waterfalls: Argentière glacier, Aosta valley (Italy)


Week-end Ice climbing introduction Courses

Progressing in the universe of winter mountaineering and ice climbing in only a few days. Either in the High Mountain for the chutes and lower down for the frozen waterfalls. The only sound is the encounter of the axe against the ice, breaking the winter silence.


3 to 4 days to progress and attempt several different courses.

A tailor made package can be concocted according to your expectations and weather conditions at the time.

Prices: from 570€ / pers for 2 participants

About Me, Fred Brehe

I was born in Britany (North of France), and I developed my passion always with the objective to link the sea and the mountains. The mountain fascinates me, but the wealth of being a mountain guide is the fact that we meet every day new people